New Varieties

We do our own breeding:

1. Red Bidens Hawaiian Flare®, Tiny series, Campfire™Fireburst

Proven Winners will introduce Campfire™Fireburst from 2015!


First red Bidens in the world. Basic color and beautiful bicolor. 6 colors of Hawaiian Flare® and 2 colors of Tiny series on sale now and 5 series will follow. We will make the world of Bidens much more beautiful.

2. Winter hardy Delosperma Jewel of Desert®, Wheels of Wonder®

We developed the first hybrid varieties of Delosperma in the world. 6 colors of  Jewel of Desert® and 5 colors of Wheels of Wonder® on sale now and one serie will follow. We will change the world of ice plants in the garden.


3. Winter hardy Calendula Winter Wonders®, Winter Creepers®

First winter hardy and powdery mildew resistant Calendula in the world. Beautiful bicolored double, single and anemone type flower. 4 colors of  Winter Wonders® and 4 colors of Winter Creepers® on sale now. We will change the world of the winter gardens.


4. White and other colours strawberry  Colorberii®, Snowberrii®

First multicolor strawberry fruits in the world. Winter hardy, no pollination required. Big fruits with excellent taste. You can decorate your garden with multicolor strawberry fruits. Of course you can decorate dishes and cakes as well. We will change the strawberry world.



5.  Alternanthera porrigens 

This is completely new suggestion for gardens. The variety has abundant flowers like Gypsophila.