Flower breeders

Flower breeder

We are flower breeders and have started breeding in 2002. We have produced many Sedum and Delosperma plants for roof gardens. Koichiro Nishikawa had dreamt about plants that are drought resistant, fast growing and always flower with beautiful colors. That is why we started with breeding Delosperma’s in Japan. However, it took us too long throughout the season. Therefore, We made new breeding base in Ecuador. High in the mountains, we can make new breeds 12 months long. Everything goes much faster here. So we achieved our goal.

Now we have also other species like Calendula, Bidens, Alternanthera, and strawberries. All the plants we bred are hardy, drought tolerant and disease resistant. To see them, you do not need to come to Ecuador. Thanks to good trial garden partners, you can check our varieties at many place (mainly USA and Europe) .  The following gardens are recommendable; Metrolina trial garden ,Costa farm trial garden , Raker trial garden , Luck trial garden , Alkemade trial garden , Volmary trial garden, and Kinczler trial garden.

    • Tokyo University of Agriculture Master
    • Mainly Responsible for breeding work
    • Most important thing for breeding is “performance of plants” such as drought tolerance, disease resistance, reproductive efficiency, etc.
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    • Breeding assistant